• Making Awesome!

    Replica Props, Costumes, FX and Bespoke Fabrication

  • What We Do

    We make stuff, that's what we do, all day, everyday and we have a jolly good time doing so.

    Prop Replica Creation

    Big or small, we make it all!

    We specialise in high quality, super accurate, incredibly detailed and breathtakingly beautiful replica props and costumes. We use only the best products, tools and techniques to deliver only the best creations.

    Molding and Casting

    If one is not enough?

    We have learned that making a mold and taking a casting are art forms in their own right. With over 7 years experience we now offer bespoke molding and short production runs as a standalone service.

    Content Creation

    How we make what we make.

    We love making, and we want others to enjoy it as much as we do. We strive to share our knowledge, our experiences (good and bad) and our passion for making through regular video and streaming content.

    Bespoke Fabrication

    'Hey, we've got a crazy idea, can you help?'

    This is our favourite opener! Two things are a certainty;

    • we've heard crazier 
    • given enough time and money, we'll make it happen. 
  • Dream it?

    Here at Sorenzo Props we like to make dreams come true, in fact the whole company was started because of a dream to one day own a particular pair of helmets.

    What ever you can imagine, we can make it.

    Get in touch to see how we can make your dreams come true.

    Fantasy Sword?

    Robot Helmet?

    We Can Make It A Reality

  • 3D Printing

    3D printing has exploded into the mainstream in recent years and like most makers we have adopted it as yet another tool in our every expanding arsenal of equipment for making.  
    Thanks to 3D Hubs we can offer 3D printing as a stand alone service to customers both locally and anywhere in the world. Simply upload your file and let our robots do the work.

  • Meet The Team

    You don't have to wear dungarees to work here, but it helps :)

    Thom Wall

    Owner, Operator, CEO and Creative Dictator.

    Thom started his career in Architecture but quickly realised it was dull as hell and making Daft Punk helmets was way more fun, and so Sorenzo Props was born.

    Kitty Lappin

    Prop Princess, Sanding Minion & Tea Maker

    Kitty Lappin is undoubtedly one of the best Cosplayers in the UK (something she will probably never realise) and is a skilled sculptor, fabricator and painter.

  • Just Make It -

    A simple guide to help make making easier.

    Aimed at prop artists, cosplayers, makers, and crafters (anyone who likes to make things with their hands) at the top of their game or simply looking for an excuse to start. Find inspiration, hints and tips, practical advice, and lots of nonsense in this helpful guide to making the most of making stuff.

  • Latest Videos

    A huge part of what we do here is to try and share our knowledge empowering people to go out and make something awesome for themselves.

    Sorenzo : Tips - Spray Paint Samples

    A weekly series of short yet useful tips related to making and building props and cosplay.

    Sorenzo : Tips - Spray Paint Samples

    A weekly series of short yet useful tips related to making and building props and cosplay.

  • Social Feed

    Check out our latest updates and keep up to date with all the action from the studio and beyond

  • Collaboration?
    We Love it!

    We know that no man is an island!

    We embrace, support and actively seek out collaborative partners, so that we can learn, grow and expand our opportunities, together.
    We have worked along side some amazing individual and companies to achieve a great many things, and we want to continue to even bigger and better.

    Collaborative Partnershipnts

    Two hands are better than one!

    We have lofty ambitions, but often those ambitions are dampend by real world restrictions. Through creative partnerships we aim to lift the roof of what is possible, tackling larger than life projects where all parties share the workload, the experience, the exposure and the fun. If it's not fun, it's not worth doing!


    We love trying new things!

    We are constantly looking to try, appraise and include new products, tools, and materials into our daily workflow. We always strive to use the best tool for the job, and over the years have worked with manufactures and suppliers to review and promote new and existing products.



    We've all got to start somewhere!

    Learning through experience is the best way to learn, but sometimes getting the right experience can be difficult. We try to take on interns as often as circumstance permit to allow them to experience first hand the high and lows of working in the creative industries.

  • Drop Us A Line

    Don't be afraid to reach out, simply say hello or even pop in for a visit ( feel free to bring cake )
    You + us = awesome.

    Sorenzo Props
    R-13 Design Hub
    100 Borron Street
    Monday - Friday 10am - 6pm